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The Spirit of the Lord says that, “the blessings of Abraham are yours, every word from God, every promise from God is yea and amen, and so it is in this hour,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “that, I will deal with the insult of unbelief, the force of unbelief, distrust, mistrust that has […]

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Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua Moshiach, Mashiach. Yeshua. Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, (tongues). Yeshua, Yeshua. The Spirit of the Lord says, “Enough of this in the Middle East, for the blood has been spilt on the sand, the blood of innocence. I see, I see how the serpent that slithers on the sands of Afghanistan, […]

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“Did I not say, if I am lifted up, would I not draw all men unto Me?” says the Lord, “and see it is that there is a sound, a sound that has come from this continent, a sound that has come, yes, even from this nation South Africa. It is the sound of child […]

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“Stretch out your hand,” says the Lord, “stretch out your hand and take a hold of My hand. Take a hold of My hand, and My life will be your life, and My strength will be your strength, and My power will be your power, and My hope will be your hope, and My life will be your […]

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Come on, I am getting a glimpse of 2015. I am getting a glimpse of your tomorrow. I am getting a glimpse of 2015, a glimpse of your tomorrow. I am getting a glimpse, of 2015, 2015, 2015 is a year that you will be all that He has destined you to be. I am […]

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