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The Spirit of the Lord says, “The place on which you have presently found yourself, in the past and the present, presently, shall not be your future. For see I have, even in this night, released My Holy angels. Yes, once again, for there is a battle, there is a battle for the soul of […]

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For the Spirit of the Lord says, yes to the church, yes, even the church here at Destiny, the church in this nation, “Gird up the loins of your mind, for I desire great consecration in this hour. I desire that you lay down your lives in this hour as a living sacrifice. For see, […]

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“I will establish My seat,” says the Lord, “for I am high and lifted up, and did I not say, if My people would lift Me up, I would draw all men unto myself. Now know this one thing this night, I have released grace into this nation, for this year, and My grace is […]

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“See,” says the Lord, “I am making the crooked paths straight, for it is time for a fresh move of My Spirit in this land, in this nation, in this church, because of My Son and because of His brothers, yes even the church. And so it is in this hour that truly My word […]

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“You are My weapons of war and with you in this hour I will smash, yes I will dash the resistance and the enemy forces that would dare to align, to arise, to oppose, to resist, to limit you in this day. For have I not given you authority,” says the Lord. “Have I not […]

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