Equipping Course

A vital journey for new believers and every person desiring to be an effective member of DHC is our Equipping Track. This discipling development has two pillars:


This Equipping Track is offered free of charge to DHC members and guidebooks (called “Process Books”) are given to those who sign up through their Cell Leader. The Cell Leader will help the new members to work through the equipping steps in each of the four Process Books.


When new members have worked through each Process Book, they attend an Encounter Weekend, bringing along their relevant Process Book. These Encounter Weekends take place on specified Friday evenings (From 7PM) and / or Saturdays (From 9AM). Dates for Encounter Weekends (also called “E-Weekends”) will be announced throughout the year.


There are four Encounters (and four accompanying Process Books) in the Equipping Track and those enrolled can complete the course over four weekends spread out over several months.


The themes of these four Encounters are:

E1 Spiritual Formation Encounter (with Process Book P1: Welcome to Your New Family)
Here believers are welcomed into their new family and introduced to the basics of Christianity.

E2 Spiritual Victory Encounter (with Process Book P2: Spiritual Victory)
This will empower believers to deal with issues of the past and set them on a path of spiritual conquest as over-comers in Christ.

E3 Evangelism Formation Encounter (with Process Book P3: Reaching the Lost)
Now believers are encouraged to become effective witnesses for Christ and are taught how to win the lost for Christ.

E4 Champions Encounter (with Process Book P4: Developing Your Leadership Potential)
Finally, believers are motivated to recognize and cultivate their leadership qualities, employing those gifts in God’s service.
Further studies are available through the College for Advanced Christian Education.


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