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The Praise & Worship team of Destiny is comprised of committed, talented musicians, singers and sound technicians from different backgrounds, who are striving to become an anointed team that will touch God’s heart through anointed Praise and Worship. The vision is to create a centre where there is musical and biblical based teachings that will change people’s lives and help them to discover and enter into their destiny. A centre where we have qualified people with vast experience who teach with inspiration and who will influence musicians, singers and all creative people, while helping them to inspire others and teaching them to touch the heart of God through true and heartfelt praise and worship. We strive to create an atmosphere in the church that will result in powerful, inspiring and anointed worship services which will enable a platform for the Holy Spirit to move so that all people will be changed and transformed forever.

We strive to be a group of people that will be hearing the sound of Heaven, and capable of interpreting it and thus becoming the voice of God, changing the spiritual atmosphere through preaching and music, all over the world. Music has a powerful effect on human experience. Students of religious phenomena have long recognized that music transcends our understanding and appeals to our intuitive nature. Music has always played an important part in the worship of biblical communities, as a way of approaching God and of expressing the joy of His presence.

We endeavor to become a centre able to prepare, organize, realize, produce and record musical works and events that will glorify Christ. These musical events and productions will be used throughout the world as a means to take the harvest.

The Destiny praise and worship team launched their first album “Warriors of Love” in 2012. Eleven songs were birthed by the Spirit together with three cover songs from internationally known prophet Kim Clement. The result is vibrant, energetic, pure and innocent worship. May you experience the intimacy of His presence as you listen to hungry hearts yearning for Him.


Listen To The Songs On Warriors of Love




The Destiny Worship Team has also produced their very first music video based on their song “Come On Everybody”. This song is bound to stir you up and inspire you to never give up!


Watch Our Music Video “Come On Everybody” Right Here!


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