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Holy Spirit Fire Conference – Part 4

Recorded 5 February 2013 PM
/ Ps Marc Bredenkamp / 2013 / Holy Spirit Fire Conference 2013 / Prophetic Meetings / Series / Teachings
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We find, in the continuing of the Holy Spirit Fire Conference, that God reveals seven points to the Barriers of Blessings in our lives, in this sermon. 1) The Barrier Of Unforgiveness, 2) The Barrier Of Stinginess, 3) The Barrier Of Idolatry, 4) The Barrier Of Trattorie, 5) The Barrier Of Antisemitism, 6) The Barrier Of Trusting In The Arm Of Flesh, 7) The Barrier Of Dishonour.

Let God’s Truth illuminate the barriers and let Him set you Free!

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