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Sowing Into Your Destiny

Recorded 22 October 2017 PM
/ Ps Marc Bredenkamp / 2017
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Galatians 6:7, Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. (NKJV)

In this prophetic sermon, we see the power of sowing into our future, into our destiny and that one of the most powerful ways we can sow into our destiny is through fasting. When we fast we reap the following benefits: 1) I transfer my battles to God, 2) Light, 3) My health issue will be turned into a testimony for the glory of Jesus Christ, 4) The ability to deal with wickedness that comes against Gods people and afflicts Gods people.

True spiritual fasting is not abstaining from food, it is abstaining from food, spending time in prayer, and spending time in the Word!


Elize van der Merwe ·13 Nov 2017 @ 11:05

My dogter is baie siek, het drukking op die brein. Is tans in die hospitaal. Dr het al 3 keer vog van die brein afgetrek van Augustusmaand. Wil graag Pastor Marc Bredenkamp kontak. Die aanslae van satan op haar lewe is groot. Weet by Jesus is niks onmoontlik. Ons is in Pretoria.

Tonia Myburgh ·29 Nov 2017 @ 09:07

I needed to hear this sermon, by sowing in fasting I will reap light!!

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