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The Importance Of A Prophet!

Recorded 3 September 2017 AM
/ Ps Leon Du Preez / 2017

Genesis 20:1-14 (NKJV)

In the above scripture, we see that Abraham, a Prophet in the Old Testament, was liked by God. Abraham was scared for his life, lied, and gave his wife Sarah to King Abimelech to prevent him being killed. God came to the king and told him that he would die if he touched Sarah, because she is the wife of a prophet. Even Abimalech, the king of a wicked nation, who had a dream from God, needed the prophet to pray for him so that he could be healed. He was connected to the prophet, and God’s favor was upon Abraham. The king gave Abraham sheep, oxen, servants and restored Sarah his wife! 

When you and I are connected to a prophet then we can expect this same favor and blessing on our lives!

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