Destiny Discipleship Training Centre

History of Destiny Discipleship Training Centre

LFCC Discipleship Training Centre (D.T.C) was pioneered by Pastor Harold F, Weitsz in 1986 in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit. From the first day there has been a continuous drive to strongly equip believers from all Christian backgrounds and cultures in the Word of God, Hundreds of people have completed the training and many have entered into full-time ministry. Through the years, this Discipleship Training Centre has adapted and gone through various phases of development. Ephesians 6:15 “Wear shoes that are able to speed you on as you preach the Good News of peace with GOD” (TLB). Destiny Discipleship Training Centre is an affiliated Satellite Campus to LFCC D.T.C. Destiny is a training centre designed to raise up labourers for the harvest that God has allotted for this generation, Pastor Harold Weitsz has a vision to plant 1000 churches within the next 10 years, Dr Marc Bredenkamp also shares in the heavenly vision of church planting. As a result we need ministers that are fully equipped and ready to “go” and disciple the nations.

“I believe that now is the time for labourers to be raised up to take the harvest allotted to this generation. Don’t delay, accept the call and the challenge to produce much fruit that brings glory to the Father. Jesus said that the Words He speaks are ‘foundational words, words to build a life on.’”
– Dr Marc Bredenkamp.



Destiny Discipleship Training



First Year

The first-year program intends to establish in students the Biblical foundation necessary to support their personal life and ministry. This is done through teaching the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, and acquainting students with a basic knowledge of the Word of God.


  • – Holy Spirit
  • – Healing and Deliverance
  • – Kingdom Principles
  • – Principles of Prayer
  • – The Gifts of The Spirit
  • – Romans Verse by Verse
  • – Developing Disciples
  • – Principles of Faith
  • – Spiritual Disciplines
  • – Discovering the Bible
  • – The Blood Covenant
  • – The Fruit of the Spirit
  • – Submission and Authority
  • – The Character of Jesus
  • – Cell Church Principles
  • – The Tabernacle of Moses


Second Year

The second-year program is geared to equip believers with further dynamic Word-based knowledge for active involvement in the practical aspects of ministry, empowering them to become effective workers and ministers in the Church, as well as in society.


  • – Practical Discipleship
  • – World Religions
  • – The Old Testament
  • – The Art of Intercession
  • – The Prophetic Ministry
  • – Foundations of Leadership
  • – Angels and Demons
  • – The Book of Ephesians
  • – Missions and Evangelism
  • – The Last Words of Paul
  • – Church History
  • – Bible Doctrine
  • – Biblical World View
  • – The Book of Hebrews
  • – The Red Letter Life
  • – Life and Journeys of Paul


Third Year

The third-year program is designed to help students respond to God’s call, encouraging them to accept the responsibilities and obligations of servant-leaders in God’s kingdom. This should position them to effectively face the spiritual, social and other challenges facing individuals and communities today.


  • – Principles of Church Growth
  • – Church Planting
  • – Disciples of the End Times
  • – The Man of God
  • – Discovering Your Gifts and Calling
  • – The Call of God
  • – The Role of the Pastor’s Wife
  • – Discipline in the Church
  • – The Book of Revelation
  • – Ministry in Practice
  • – Marriage, Divorce, Re-Marriage
  • – Hermeneutics
  • – Foundations of Counselling
  • – Introduction to Greek and Hebrew
  • – Preaching Principles
  • – My Father’s Names


For more information please contact the Destiny Training Centre on 031 584 6065

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